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Optimizing Employee Potential 

The Key To Attracting Talent

work life balance

Work life balance initiatives are benefits, policies, and programs that help create a better balance between the demands of the job and the healthy management of life outside work.  Strategic employers are finding & developing initiatives using the philosophy of happy and healthy employees, are happy and productive employees.

Personal Spending Accounts

Employers can help alleviate  stress and increase mental productivity by introducing taxable spending accounts. Allowing employees to use the dollars where they matter most!  Personal Spending Accounts or PSA’s can be used for a large variety or expenses including gym memberships, sporting & activity fees, sporting goods & equipment as well as childcare costs. PSA’s allow employees the opportunity to afford the things that matter most to them in achieving a work life balance!


77% of Canadian graduates have regrets about their student debt, and are continuing to pay student loans 10+ years post graduation.  Savvy employers are now not only offering to pay for employee upgrading & tuition, but are offering to match employee student loan payments up to an annual cap per year!


Many employees today feel they can’t afford to contribute to a company sponsored retirement program due to juggling financial commitments like saving for their children's education. Understanding the needs of your employees and helping them balance their priorities not only attracts top talent, but makes sure you retain your human assets!  Offer your employees an option of not only RRSP savings but RESP opportunities as well.



Individual life insurance is an important consideration for when life happens.  Ensuring your loved ones are protected provides individuals and families with peace of mind, because you cant buy life insurance when you need it.  Click below for an instant online no obligation quote.