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We believe in protecting Alberta's workers

The MCA Benefit Plan is a price leader in the Alberta market.  Offering a plan that ensures your employees and their families are covered at work, at home or during lay offs.

Our carefully selected administration partner performs all the necessary benefits administration functions on your behalf, or supports you in your self administration of plan member eligibility. Or a combination of both!

Annual Renewal: January 1, 2021

Minimum Participation: Minimum of 12,000 hours per year per company to participate. Pay only on the hours worked.

Minimum Hour Balance Required: Employee must maintain a minimum of 150 hours their your bank at all times, plus an additional 150 hours per month of benefit.

Monthly Eligibility: Employees need 300 hours in their hour bank before they are “in benefits”. Benefits commence on the first of the month following 300 hours being contributed to the bank. Generally, three months after the first contribution. Every 150 hours in your bank returns one month of benefits.

"Fast Start" Program: Companies can "fast start" employee benefit programs to start coverage immediately. A "fast start" buy in is 300 hours.

Maximum Hour Accrual: 900 Hours

Self Pay Option: Employees can self pay a maximum of 3 months or 450 hours while not working.

Plan Choices: All companies are eligible for the Primary Plan  To qualify for the Plus Plan, companies must be part of an existing hour bank arrangement OR provide benefits experience data.


A team, dedicated to you, will work to ensure your benefit program is properly managed and your employees are correctly and promptly reimbursed for their medical/dental expenses.


​Group administration services include:

  • Plan Member enrollment and records maintenance

  • Providing detailed benefit coverage information

  • Insurance premium and tax payments

  • Dental, Medical, and Disability benefit payments

  • Liaison with carriers for Life and Long Term Disability claims payment and management

  • Self Administration Services


Participant Assistance:

A bilingual contact center staff has extensive experience in both claims and administration. They are available during extended business hours to respond to all inquiries.